The Salary Coach thinks you’re worth it.

Do you?


Plan for your next salary negotiation the right way now.

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The Salary Coach thinks you’re worth it.

Do you?


Plan for your next salary negotiation the right way now.

To inspire people to have the career they want, and to be valued as they want to be. You’re worth it!

Have you ever wanted to ask for a raise but were not sure how to go about it?

Have you hungered after more opportunity to shine in the workplace?

Would you love to take on more responsibilities, but your confidence stands in the way

 Enter the Salary Coach!

Catherine Heilemann is the salary coach. As a human resources specialist, she’s worked with some of the most career-minded & ambitious Australians.

She knows what your employer wants to hear when you ask for a raise, chase that promotion or want to broaden your career horizons. Now she’s offering her insider knowledge as specialised training, coaching and workshops as the Salary Coach.

H.E.C. – Television Producer

The film and television industry is notorious for low pay, and I felt certain that whatever raise I asked for would be shut down.

Through the coaching I built my confidence and how to qualify my value. We then built the game-plan and practised until all angles had been explored and I was ready.

When the time came, my manager was surprised by the preparation and appreciated the considered approach, and I got the raise I was hoping for – 6%! The investment and preparation took away most of my nerves and paid off. Thanks Catherine.

D.R. – Artist

I have been painting most of my life.

Increasingly I was worried about what a fair investment in my works would be for my customers. Catherine talked with me about my market, the art I create, the amount of demand there is for it, and why people want to buy my art. At the end of it I realised that I was undervaluing my work, and have now set higher rates.

I am now making an average of $500 more per painting, which is an added $25,000 in revenue for my business each year. I was worried people would stop buying my art. I’m pleased to say that’s not the case – business is booming.

I have new faith in the value of the art I create and my worth.

R.K. – Business Optimisation Professional (Sydney)


Coaching helped uncover the value I bring but that I couldn’t see. Catherine showed me how to negotiate in difficult situations. I learned new tactics in overcoming the standard arguments of salary ranges, benchmarking, and how being well informed enables you to confinently ask for what you are worth.

Catherine is masterful – her deep experience in HR and change management brings fresh eyes and clear thinking to the problem of learning how to translate the capability you create to the value you are worth.
The Gig Economy is going to need more people like Catherine, so we can all learn how to assess and understand our value in competitive, creative and fluid workplaces of the future.

We place a high premium on our client’s privacy. Initials are used. Stock photos replace headshots. Company names, positions and identifying information are not included.

How can the Salary Coach help you?

With individualised exercises and a wealth of experience in candidate selection, the Salary Coach will teach you the fundamentals of authentic self-promotion.

You’ll learn how to:

Value your worth against the market


Ask for a raise and that promotion with ease

Become a master at self-promotion

Uncover your hidden talents

Craft the career you want


Move forward in your field with confidence

You can even call on the Salary Coach to help you change careers, create a position of authority in your field and/or become so desirable, the head hunters chase you.

Why negotiation skills matter

3 in 5 employees don’t negotiate a salary. Don't let that be you.

(Source Glassdoor 2016)

Successfully negotiating an extra $5K a year could mean an additional $600K over your career.

(Source: Who asks and who receives in salary negotiation’)

Women earn 17.5% lower salaries thAn their male counterparts. This hasn’t changed in 2 decades.

(Source: Workplace Gender Equity Agency in Negotiation)

71% of employees are missing out on a simple way to earn more money- negotiating better

(Source CBS 2017)


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Plan for your next salary negotiation the right way now.

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