Negotiating your salary is you taking control of your life. 

It’s not just about the dollars; it’s you acknowledging your worth, valuing your contribution to your employer and reaffirming your career progression. If you are worth more than your current salary, we’re here to help. 

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We understand your career is an important part of your life so we’ve designed offerings to suit all stages of career growth.

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Online Lessons

See how we can change your current situation with something as simple as bulletproofing your resume or learn how to perfect the perfect pitch.

Choose your own way and select the individual lessons you think you need or choose to follow the entire course covering all 7 lessons.

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If you prefer something more personalised, we offer individual coaching facilitated via video, phone or in person.  

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Career Planning

All good things start with a solid plan.  

Take a moment and really think about what’s next in your career?  

Book a personalised sessiowith the coach to uncover the power of planning your career with our Career Planning Workbook.  

Resume Power Session

This is a 1-hour session where we pore over your current resume, career history and personal strengths to make sure your Resume is a true representation of the powerhouse you are.  



2 minutes to keep your goals on track

Join the Salary Coach from the comfort of your own home and learn how to take control of your career and your life.  


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 The Salary Calculator shows you just how much an increase in salary can add up over your lifetime. 

Play the long game and plan your salary conversations and watch how an extra 5K per year can add up to over $600K+ over your career. 

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Stories of success

At the end of the review, I realised that I was highly undervaluing my work and delivery to the business. This gave me the confidence to move forward with a remuneration negotiation resulting in a 10% increase in base salary and an equivalent increase in bonus, so effectively earning 20% more per year – MR, Mining  

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