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We are passionate about helping people in their career to know their worth.
Negotiating your career and salary is about you taking control of your life. It’s not only the dollars; it’s you acknowledging your worth, valuing your contribution to your employer and reaffirming your career progression.

Our goal at The Salary Coach is to transform the way you think, feel and see yourself as a professional into someone who knows why they are so valuable in the workplace and who can confidently negotiate their career, salary and conditions. We do this through education, exploring the value you have and how that helps your customers and bosses alike. Being able to negotiate with confidence, conviction and certainty is priceless and the learning you gain from time with our coaches will help you to achieve your goals.

With 30+ years of experience in the fields of human resources, sales, business leadership, management and ownership, and change management, The Salary Coach is here to help you be your own champion.

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Coaching your Career, Dilemma, Salary
If you prefer something more personalised, we offer individual coaching facilitated via video, phone or in person.
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Job Hunting

Job Hunting help with your Resume, Interview Skills and Networking
Are you job hunting right now and not getting the traction you thought you would? Perhaps you need the help of an independent coach to craft your employability branding and message through your resume, LinkedIn and interview skills.
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Online Courses
Know Your Worth

Full programs, Individual Modules and Career Planner
See how we can change your current situation with something as simple as being able to communicate your value, perfecting your pitch or negotiating your career.
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At the end of the review, I realised that I was highly undervaluing my work and delivery to the business. This gave me the confidence to move forward with a remuneration negotiation resulting in a 10% increase in base salary and an equivalent increase in bonus, so effectively earning 20% more per year
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