1:1 Coaching

Individual Career Coaching

Everyone can benefit from a helping hand – whether it’s to get another perspective, learn from someone else’s experience, or simply as a useful sounding board.

At The Salary Coach, we offer all that and more. Our coaching programs are designed to engage you in a unique and fulfilling way. Using our experience and expertise, we can help guide you through a bespoke solution to help you achieve a positive outcome.

We understand that everyone is unique, so we listen carefully and tailor the coaching experience to suit you.

We’re committed to inspiring and motivating our clients, and we love to see them succeed.


  • $172.00 for 30 minutes
  • $343.00 for 60 minutes
  • $515.00 for 90 minutes
  • $687.00 for 2 hours

“I used to think that successful people did it all on their own. I now know that they don’t.”
Craig W.

What 1:1 Coaching gives you

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