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Often, when we see others be successful, we believe they’ve achieved it all by themselves. However, the simple truth is that behind the scenes, they usually have help – whether it’s a top-level athlete with a coach and support team, or a trail-blazing entrepreneur with business mentors and advisors.

Ultimately, we all want to do and be better, and everyone benefits from getting some help. That’s why The Salary Coach is here – to help you reach your full potential.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the fields of human resources, sales, business leadership, management and ownership, and change management. And we want to share that knowledge and experience with you to help you achieve your goals and beyond.

Our approach

We know that everyone, at some point in their career, has questions, doubts or dilemmas that they haven’t had to deal with before. Often, the way to navigate them can be unclear. So, it pays to put experience on your side.

At The Salary Coach, we understand that every situation can be different, and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. That’s why we’re committed to listening to your particular story, and providing you with the tools and guidance to overcome your challenges.

Meet the coaches

Catherine Heilemann - The Salary Coach

Catherine Heilemann

CEO & Lead Coach

My experience spans many different fields and roles, including business, entrepreneurship, inventor, advisor, and transformation consultant.

In that time, I’ve seen heady heights and low lows. I’ve steered businesses through regularity hell, invented big data concepts, led, managed and influenced great outcomes. I’ve developed award-winning strategies and have worked across multiple sectors such as IT, telecommunications, petroleum, construction, health, government, infrastructure, education, utilities, finance and Insurance.

I now use my experience to help others, including everyone from those in the early stages of their career to CEOs, board members, and industry leaders. What stands out to me is that, regardless of career stage, everyone has hopes, fears, and challenges. I work to help you navigate your journey and achieve a successful outcome.

I love seeing people succeed and helping them take the steps they need to reach their career goals.

Shirley Heilemann


Put simply, my strength is getting you to trust yours.
Everyone has skills and talents that they often don’t recognise as marketable and sought after.

I have witnessed this many times throughout my extensive background, spanning 20+ years of learning and development with degrees in Humanities and Psychology, a Master’s degree in Critical Psychology and a post-graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology.

As a salary and career coach, my goal is to guide you towards defining your career and life goals. I help you understand how to play to your strengths, how you can negotiate from a place of power, and how to confidently to take action to achieve what you want.

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