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You can with the Salary Coach

You’ve seen it in countless films and American TV shows – those clever suits that manage to prove their value to the managers and secure that raise with ease. It’s a scene not often seen in Australian television – or in real workplaces across the country.

Australian workers often have an excuse for not asking for a raise or decent salary. Timing, the economy, and our down to earth nature epitomise the Australian approach to work, holding us back.

What if we told you the true roadblock to a great salary and thriving career is your own confidence?

The Salary Coach can help with the confidence you need to know you’re worth it.

What’s stopping you from earning the salary you deserve?

Imagine the moment where you draft the email or tee up the coffee to chat about your future with the boss. Are there butterflies in your stomach, sweat on your palms or even a voice in your head saying, “I could never do that!”? You’re not alone. We often fail to see the value we bring to an organisation in real terms. It can be hard to measure exactly where you fit into the grand scheme of things.

Take the Salary Coach checklist and uncover your value to your organisation. Are you:


Often called upon to take on extra roles and responsibilities outside of and in addition to your current job descriptions


Counted on as someone that finds new ways to skin old problems


Reliable, trustworthy and accountable


Involved in many facets of the business for the good of the company


Working longer hours, sacrificing personal time and doing so for a sense of achievement


A creative problem solver that relishes the challenge to help


Seasoned in your field and a fount of knowledge for juniors and managers alike

If you’ve answered yes to two or more of the points above, it’s likely you’re not fulfilling your full potential salary-wise.

It’s time to activate your confidence

You can be brilliant at your job and understand the true nature of your value yet lack the confidence to advocate for yourself. Many Australians find it tough, uncomfortable or simply don’t know where to start when it comes to selling yourself.

But there is a way for you to breakthrough that feeling of cringe and self-doubt. It’s OK to admit you’re worth it. The Salary Coach can teach you how.

As a professional in hiring and professional development, the Salary Coach speaks the language of directors, managers and the human relations department. She knows how to breakdown your skills and achievements into valuable demonstrations of ability.

And she can help you to:


Overcome shyness, personal cringe, and more to state your case


Identify your abilities and career related self-worth


Understand how to calculate your potential in the marketplace within your field

Teach you simple tips and tricks to exude confidence and presence

Find dialogue that is comfortable and feels natural to you when when pitching your value

Assess the opportunities available to you based on your skills and ability

What’s on offer with the Salary Coach?

The Salary Coach offers both individual one-on-one coaching services as well as a group coaching program. You can select what would best suit your needs and personality.

Individual coaching


Individual coaching is for the career-minded individual who wants to fortify their position in the company against job insecurity, advocate for a salary increase and/or needs to sharpen their interview skills. You want to explore and aim for future opportunities through promotion or prefer a one-on-one approach. This service is ideal for executives requiring privacy for a variety of reasons. It’s also an introvert-friendly service. This is the service you choose if you would like individual attention delivered in an efficient manner and/or you need to take urgent action.


Group Coaching


Salary Coach Group Coaching is for you if you’re hunting for that new promotion, need to sharpen your interview skills and/or want to advocate for your salary increase. This workshop is a one-day course that allows you to absorb information, learn from others and uncover your value quickly. It is ideal for you if opportunity looms on the horizon or you’re planning to make your next career move. It involves a 2-hour preparation session as a pre-requisite.

Why choose Catherine Heilemann as your Salary Coach?

Catherine Heilemann has 15+ years of experience in the fields of human resources, sales, business management and change management. She’s worked with the likes of IBM, Westpac and Allianz Australia to implement national and global strategies to support positive working cultures. And she’s worked with countless individuals to refine their focus and progress their career.

Catherine holds a degree in Communications with a focus on Social Analysis and is a Post Graduate in Change Management. She is also a certified Executive Coach. Contact Catherine for all your executive coaching and organisational change needs today.

“After our first session I went home and talked my husband’s ear off. My mind has been opened to the possibilities.”


“This is just want I need. Every time we meet I’ve am able to tap into more.” AC

“I found the tools really helped me to start seeing myself differently. I’m much more confident now.” RS

“Using the formula and skills, during a recent new job negotiation, I was able to negotiate a substantial increase for myself. Something I couldn’t have done before.” GL

Meet Catherine’s Team

Choose Shirley for Salary & Career Coaching

Shirley Heilemann has 15+ years of experience in the fields of psychology, learning and development, office management and sales. She’s worked with the likes of Fuji Xerox, Macquarie University, the Ethics Centre, Alzheimer’s Australia and various Employee Assistance Program organisations to support positive working cultures. She has worked with hundreds of individuals to work out what their career and life goals are and supports them as they take action to make the changes to achieve them.

Shirley holds a degree in Humanities and Psychology, a Masters degree in Critical Psychology and a post-graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology. She draws from many schools of thought and works with people with an approach that centres on you and what your strengths are.



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