How to nail an interview

If you are reading this, I’m guessing you have an interview coming up and want to be sure you prepare for an interview well. A job interview can be a breeze if you prepare well and know your worth. Here are my interview tips.

Catherine Heilemann - The Salary Coach

Interview Coaching

Many people invest in themselves ahead of being interviewed and through the process by engaging The Salary Coach services.

We provide interview coaching that is tailored to you, your situation and what you are wanting to achieve. We are straight-forward with our feedback and you will be given the opportunity to hone your responses and reflect on what you are saying and what else you could be saying. 

Our Interview Tips

1. Is this the right role for you?

Does this job fit with what you really want for yourself and your career?

If you aren’t sure we recommend you complete our Career Planning online program to begin with. You may also want to spend some time with a coach working this through.

2. Know what they are looking for

The hiring manager must see some of your worth to be interviewing you. Well done! Make sure you have a clear understanding of what they are looking for specifically, whether from the job posting or by being proactive and contacting the hiring manager before the interview. Then prepare examples that can demonstrate your expertise.

3. Prepare real life examples of your experience

Your examples should follow a situation, action and outcome style model when you share them. Make sure the outcomes are tangible. Things like improvement in customer satisfaction of X% rather than customer satisfaction improved. By adding more information, you will come across as more believable.

4. Prepare quality questions

Do your homework and ask questions. Print the LinkedIn profile of the interviewer out and highlight areas that you would like to know more about. Look for news articles about the company to see what they have been doing that is newsworthy and be sure to note that as well. Work out what questions you’d like to have answered in relation to the job you are applying for.

5. Show you come with solutions

Think about the kinds of business problems they may be experiencing and prepare some points to make. During the interview ask them what business problems they are facing.

Hopefully, you will have prepared well enough to anticipate what they will say.

6. Present yourself well

Your job interview is your time to shine. Be sure to prepare your outfit and the way you want to present yourself. If you are being interviewed via a video conference be sure to have good lighting and the computer camera should be at eye level. Your posture is important too. Sit up straight and look directly at the person who is interviewing you.

7. Express yourself positively

Be sure to share your feelings as well as your thoughts.

If you really love doing something in particular, let the person know and why. Perhaps go lightly on what you don’t enjoy.

8. Be diplomatic

It’s true in Australia that people are quite straight forward. There is a difference between being straight forward and being objectionable. If you are asked about a boss, and you really disliked them, find a way of being diplomatic. For instance, if you thought your boss was useless, and did listen to what you had to say, mention the latter. My last boss was a great listener. You are actually conveying to the person who is interviewing you, what you value.

9. Be well prepared

Last, and not least. I mentioned earlier that the better prepared you are the easier it will be. Add to that, that you are likely to enjoy the process more if you are well prepared.

So, set yourself up for interview fun. Go in knowing you have what it takes to impress and walk out smiling.

Understand the techniques used in Job Interviews, how to set yourself apart from other candidates, make the right first impression and how to make every interview work for you. Learn the JIM approach. Nail the interview, get the job! 


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