How to: Nail an Interview

Posted on October 7, 2020
By Catherine Heilemann

I’ve just met with a new client who came to me through LinkedIn, in our discussion she mentioned to me that when it comes to interviews she would rather pull her hair out. The truth is, for some people it can be really awkward having to talk about themselves. This new client told me ‘I hate it, perhaps its because I am a woman?’. It is not unique to women. In my experience, men also feel anxious, nervous, uptight and awkward about interviews. It shows up differently for everyone.

You may now be wondering what being well prepared for an interview looks like and how you can be well prepared and sharp in it. First off, being able to tell the story of how you will help the organisation and new boss/es deliver on their promise to the market, clients, and shareholders is imperative. I know this sounds lofty and high-fallutin, however they care a lot about their brand, and the way you help them achieve their goals is going to be front of mind. So, be sure you can tie your interview examples to the kinds of dilemmas you imagine they will have.  

Use their language. Going onto their website and looking at the Company values is a great place to begin. 

Hold yourself well – that is dress for the interview, sit straight (no crossed legs), look them in the eye, take notes if you want. If you’re meeting via a video conferencing app then lift the computer screen up so the camera is looking straight at you. No one wants to look up your nose, make sure you’re front lit so that they can see your face adn sit straight in your chair and use expressions like you would if you were meeting face to face. 

Make sure you know something about the company, what’s being said about them in the news, Glassdoor, on their website. Look up the people who will be interviewing you, having good intel will hold you in good stead. 

If you’re still feeling a little uncomfortable why not practise with a Coach? 

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How to: Nail an Interview

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