Are you really a good communicator?

Is this good communication?

Have you ever been in a meeting and someone has made a broad and general statement such as, ‘it would be great if everyone would run through a brick wall for this place’? Or perhaps, ‘that team are useless’? Or maybe it’s something less inflammatory like, ‘you know what I mean’. What can happen as a result of this is that everyone scuttles around thinking about what really needs to be done and trying to really understand what is being asked of them.  This is not the way a good communicator conveys information.

Understanding what is being communicated

Without knowing what is really meant it’s hard to solve the issue or develop a plan to get the results being asked for.

For instance, the boss may mean having breakthrough thinking and doing something completely differently, rather than working themselves to the bone with 50 or 60 hour weeks. What is running through a brick wall anyway? Isn’t it smarter to get a ladder and go over the top?

There are so many loaded assumptions in off-the-cuff sayings like these and they take the stakes of communication and achievement up a level or two if you’re not on the same page.

How do you become a good communicator?

When it comes to communicating the key is to be concise, clear and make sure the expected outcomes are obvious.

Communicating in a way the other person can hear you and receive it is also important.  You may have heard about Myers Briggs or DISC style personality tools. They are simple frameworks that can help you work out what type of person you are speaking to, and in turn this can help you to tune your communication and style to theirs.

For instance, a HR Director client of mine took the time to map out each of their key stakeholders and their styles. Each time they meet with those stakeholders they have a plan for each meeting and have a reminder of the way the person communicates and operates. This has enabled them to move the NPS of HR from all detractors to promotors. The turnaround was fast – around four months. By doing this they have become a strategic communicator.

In your career, good communication is essential, especially to ensure that people understand your worth and you get what you are worthy of.  The Know Your Worth program from The Salary Coach is aimed at helping you confidently communicate your worth.

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