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What’s Your Personality Type When Negotiating Your Salary?

The first step to a successful negotiation is knowing your style. Our personality is part of our career, not only from the role we choose and who we work best with, but it also impacts our negotiation when it comes to asking for a pay rise. Knowing what our Personality Type is when it comes to Asking For A Pay Rise, empowers us to know what we are worth and ask for it with insight on things to try and avoid. We’ve created a quiz to help you find your prominent style when it comes to salary negotiations. The quiz is completely FREE which means you have nothing to lose. Find out what type of salary increase you should be aiming for and what your biggest negotiation strengths are. We also included tips on how to best negotiate with your boss, the company, or with yourself. You can get started by taking our short quiz – click on Start the Quiz!

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