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Want to grab the vocational bull by the horns? You can with individual career coaching from the Salary Coach.
If you want an intense sprint into interview preparation, negotiation techniques and confidently ask for the salary you’re worth, you’ve come to the right place. The two-hour Salary Coach Power Session sets you up with the best possible framework to ace your next salary or promotion conversation.

Get the individual attention you deserve for only $957

We’re priming the pump in this individual coaching session and it is not for the faint of heart. To make the most of your session with the Salary Coach, you must:

Bring your A-game

This is a hard and fast session where you’ll be prepared to face the test, make the ask and demonstrate you’re up for the task at hand

Have a clear focus

With each 1:1 session, you’ll be expected to complete pre-work that helps you and the Salary Coach design the right approach for your session

Be prepared to receive constructive feedback

This isn’t about ‘atta-boys’ and puffing up your chest. It’s a boot camp for professionals that want to succeed

Why do you need individual career coaching?

Gone are the days of entering through the workplace entrance and exiting with a gold watch decades later. In an increasingly competitive employment market, you need to create your own advantages. In a social media driven world, you need to be visible, available and a brand. This sort of thinking has permeated through the highest echelons of business. You may not be the person with the social media savvy, but you can borrow from the playbook.
The art of self-promotion, reminding others of your value and framing what you want from your career on agreeable terms to both you and your employer unlocks doors. By improving your interview fitness through individual career coaching and support, you can create the career trajectory you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s individual career coaching like no other

With laser-like focus, we’ll run over every aspect of your presentation and performance. The Salary Coach wants to prime you for the scrutiny and demands of a competitive process. We’re going to look critically at your value, your self and other external influences that determine your employability factor.

The Salary Coach will hone your performance by focussing on you and and your environment.

Get the individual attention you deserve for only $957


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