We have created a number of free resources to help, inspire and motivate you towards your next career milestone.

The Salary Coach Calculator

Turn small change, into big dollars. The Salary Calculator shows you just how much an increase in salary can add up over your lifetime.
If you’ve been wanting to go to ‘that restaurant’ or go on more holidays but just can’t quite afford to do it all, your salary could be the thing that’s holding you back.

If your mantra is “I’ll get to do it one day”, remember that, that one day could be far, far away. Your new life starts with financial security.

Try the Salary Calculator below to find out what a raise could mean for you.

Salary Coach Calculator

The Negotiation Planner

Negotiating your salary is taking control of your life.  If you are worth more than your current salary, we’re here to help you realise it.

Kick-start your journey for FREE and download our Negotiation Planner. It’s your secret weapon to a successful negotiation.

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