Want it all, but need a raise to have it all?

Want it all…

Being successful with your career enables you to have the life you would like – that is, in terms of holidays, house, family and recreational activities. You may be the kind of person who yearns to be on a plane headed to an exciting location every year, someone who cannot wait to be in the outdoors exploring or enjoy nothing more than having a beautiful home and garden. Whatever gives you energy and enjoyment, being able to make it happen is often related to being in a financial position that supports having it. The pragmatic person in us knows its highly unlikely we will win the lottery (although I buy tickets here and there – hope is a fine thing!) 

Advocate for yourself to get a raise

One way to help you get what you want is to learn how to better advocate for yourself. Its not confined to a one-off salary conversation. Being able to develop and deliver a valuebased conversation that culminates in you asking for what you want takes time, planning and a good dose of artful application of your value to the conversation. Tied to this is also the fact that you must believe your value and worth in your heart and mind. Without it, your ability to ask and respond to what is fielded back at you is made more difficult, most people dissolve and make big trades on this as a result of not truly believing in their value and having a solid game-plan together. 

Believe in your worth

Imagine truly believing you are worth it. Knowing your value. And having the confidence to ask for what you want. It’s a powerful place to find yourself in. 


Want to succeed in a salary negotiation through a value-based conversation?

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