What actually is a resume? 


Your resume

Are ‘you’ actually in your resume?

More often than not when I ask people who they are and what value they bring to their work and organisation, they reel off the job title and a list of tasks. This also shows up in their resume. Is that the best way to show yourself off? A job description masquerading as a resume?

The truth is your resume is not only the first glimpse of you as a potential employee its also the beginning of your negotiation to get the job and be paid what you are worth. Your brand statement if you like.

It's true there can be a lot of cringe associated with telling your story and how great you are and there is a fine line between sharing your pearls and over stating.

But, let’s think about brands for a moment. What brands really stand out for you? Why do they stand out? When you admire a brand, you start to associate yourself with it. When you describe yourself, you might say I’m more of a champagne type than a sparkling. I’m more of a suit and tie over jeans and t-shirt. I’m into rugby. I knit. I travel. I swim. I’m into mediation. I, I, I. These are all indicators of your brand. So, when it comes to your resume it's never just the piece of paper or pdf that you send off. You MUST be in the resume.

When you are in your resume

A resume is your professional story. The story of where you have been, where you are going and what you have achieved for both the organisations you have worked with and yourself. It’s the beginning of you selling your employability brand. It’s the beginning of your negotiation. So, make it count!

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