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The Salary Coach is here to help you be one of the few whose redundancy ends up being a positive stage in your career.

Have you received news that your role is being made redundant?

If so, I’m guessing you are feeling confused, scared, angry, sad, indignant, as though a part of your identity has been taken away. You might even feel relieved.

For me, it was a big turning point. I felt like I lost my identity. Who I was, what value I brought to the table, and where I fit into the work world was all thrown into disarray. I immediately wanted back in – to be back on the circuit and in the fray.

As an executive, I was offered help with redundancy in the form of coaching through an outplacement agency. I found it was too impersonal. It was focussed on getting my resume up to date. The coach didn’t take time to really get to know me. I felt alone and confused as to why it was so important to immediately get my resume updated and start applying for hundreds of jobs.

Although getting back in the fray and on the circuit did settle me because it was familiar, I was clinging to my sense of identity for what had been. As time went by, I began thinking more and more about the legacy I wanted to leave and felt something was missing. I questioned myself on what I wanted my identity to be and what I wanted to be known for. I started putting a plan together – my career plan.

The help after redundancy I wanted was more personal. A coach who took time with me. A coach who gave me suggestions to open my mind to options. Someone who was on my side. I found a coach who helped me the way I wanted to be helped. I now offer the same type of coaching for clients. As you come to terms with the changes in your life, having someone on your side is important. 

If you have found or find yourself being made redundant my tips are to:  

1. Negotiate the terms

Ask for what you’d like. If you’re offered coaching, do your own research and ask for someone you want to work with, rather than whomever they choose. If you’d like to take a particular learning pathway, ask for it. It’s your redundancy, see how much of it you can own.

2. Make the most of what is being offered

If you receive an outplacement program look carefully at what they are offering you. If they offer different training experiences, make the most of them. There may be some opportunities for you to explore topics that you’ve been curious about and haven’t yet looked into.

3. Take the time to assess what is next for you

Imagine yourself in different scenarios. Imagine yourself working in different places, ways, companies and roles. As you do this think about how you could achieve what you want for yourself. What would you do or have in place for it to become a reality? Be intentional and put together a plan for your career. Our career planner is a great tool to work out what is next.

4. Know your rights

Fair Work provide excellent guidance on what’s OK and what’s not.

5. Use your time wisely

If you decide to hunt for a new job be sure to spend no more than two-hours a day doing that. With the rest of your time take time to skill-up, pursuing your out of work interests – especially if they take you out of your normal environment. There is nothing like meeting up with friends or family or even new people at your local park or café and saying hello.

6. Network

I know everyone says to do this. That’s because it works. About 50% of jobs on the market are placed through people networking. Choose a few people who you think may help you out. Buy them a coffee or tea and ask for their help. Show interest in their business, what they are doing and any professional issues they may be facing.

7. Be mindful

Be sure not to blame. It OK to be disappointed with your new circumstances. Redundancy is a horrible experience. Aim to look at it from a ‘what can I learn’ perspective. Having a pragmatic approach can be useful. It doesn’t mean you have to like it and be all smiles.

8. Get the right support

Get in touch with me or sign-up to my online programs. You need someone in your camp who understands what you are going through and can support you through the process. The coaching and the online program offer that. 

Catherine Heilemann - The Salary Coach

How we can help

70% of people who are made redundant find a new role. However, 1 in 3 of those accept less pay, and 1 in 8 move into a role with a lower skill set required.

The Salary Coach is here to help you not only be a part of the 70%, but one of the few whose redundancy ends up being a positive stage in your career. 

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