5 ways to turn your Success wording into Conscious success

5 ways to turn your Success wording into Conscious success

We humans love a formula.

Whether its Formula 1 driving – certain techniques will get you into poll position and the winners’ circle (assuming you have an awesome car!)
In sales you follow a formula to win deals. In M&A frameworks are followed to broker the deal. In medicine there are methods for diagnosing and treating. Netball – a game of strategy and frameworks.

Enter the framework for success and being conscious of it.

Here’s how to set yourself up for it:

  1. Your state of mind. If you don’t have your success mantra yet, start by framing it up for yourself. In our society and culture success has certain markers; career, wealth, education, relationships, children. What does yours look like? Go beyond a bullet point. Paint your picture for yourself. What do you think of when you imagine it? How does it make you feel? What will it afford you in life?
  2. Are your thoughts serving you? If you find your thoughts are pushing your state of mind around, stop and ‘take a look at them’. Ask yourself does it help me? If so, how? If not, consciously shift your focus to another topic. See if you can manage 5 minutes of different thinking. When you reach that goal, aim for 10 minutes. Before you know it you’ll be more easily challenging those crappy thoughts.
  3. Take stock. Bask in your successes. Jot them down, draw a picture of them. Take note in a way that works for you and allows you to retain them in your success bucket. Let them bring a smile to your face and self. There is nothing!
  4. Share your success. I bet you’ve got people in your life who you share the highs and lows of life with. That’ll be because you trust each other and support one another. Share your success with them.
  5. Visualise success. Imagine what it will be like to succeed in a situation such as a pay rise discussion, performance review, a project, an assignment, a discussion, a negotiation. Paint the picture for yourself. Map out how you will achieve success, jotting down notes along the way. Imagine how it will feel. How will you look when you achieve it? I’m smiling to myself as I imagine it too!

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