An Insider’s Guide To What Your Manager Is Looking For In Your Salary Review


Manager focus during salary review

Knowing what your manager is looking for when it comes to your salary review is something you need to give thought to.  

Ultimately, they are going to want you to be able to explain why you are so great and deserving of a pay rise.  

This will make their job easier if they need to champion you. 

Tips for successful salary review

Follow these 5 tips to guide your next successful review:  

#1. Be calm and in control.  

#2. Confident body language – look them in the eye when you are making an important point. Sit up straight and use your vocal tone to take them on a journey.  

#3. Preparation of your messages – that is lead with ‘why’ you are so great. Be sure to tell the story of this, and use full sentences. Today people tend to speak in bullet points – sometimes the context can be lost if you haven’t taken the time to explain it properly. 

#4. Communication of your capabilities – this goes beyond your skills of ‘I am a project manager’, ‘I can write reports’, ‘I can research’, ‘I am a leader’. They want to know how you demonstrate that effectively and what positive impact that has on the team. 

#5. Be able to back up your statements…. I am the best and most productive team member. Are you? How do you quantify that? Did you do any research on this, or just decide you are? 

If you feel like you need help with this – book in with us to plan. 

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