Change is perpetual. How do we deal with it in terms of your career?

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Dealing with change

What is the first thing you thought about when the current pandemic started to hit home with you?

Some media reports have said that people are most concerned with the economic impact. My thinking of this is that people want to feel SAFE. That is to have a roof over their heads, have food, water and be well. In some ways, the concept of survival of the fittest comes to mind…the financially fittest and healthiest.

We know that stress can lead to people feeling unwell and when people are in shock, they can be quite numb. It seems there is now doubt that our world after this will be different and who knnows to what degree.

So, there is a huge amount of change about and with change comes transition – it may be small or large. It is not yet known how much. As you grapple with all of this, we would like to share some thoughts on coping for you.

Planning your career

Once you have sorted your plan for dealing with the various scenarios we recommend you start to think about yourself and your career. Is it going to change in the longer term? Will your skills and capabilities suddenly become more valuable?

We recommend taking some time to consider the options.

Plan your career based on the scenarios that may present themselves and have an intentional career plan so that when unwanted change is about you have your plan. Always have a plan-B and maybe even a plan-C.

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