How To Have A Salary Negotiation


Before a salary negotiation

  • Prepare with as much detail as possible before a salary negotiation. Have notes in your negotiation plan to refer through the process.  
  • Prepare in your negotiation planner for best, worst and in-between outcomes. What they are, what you will do when presented with each. 
  • Know your walk-away point. 
  • Make notes of key points in the negotiation as it unfolds. 
  • Prepare for all of the worst things someone can say like: we’ve benchmarked you; we won’t pay you more, no, and how you will handle that. 

During a salary negotiation

  •  Ask why they rate you as the professional you are. 
  •  Check your understanding and be sure to query anything where there might be an assumption you will know what it is. For example, if someone says ‘you know how it is’, or ‘we are in a tough environment’ – ask – ‘when you say that, what do you mean?’ ‘I’m curious about that… can you explain what you are thinking when you say that’? 
  • Ask for what you want. Anchor the salary negotiation conversation with your number as that is what you will talk around. 
  • If the conversation becomes difficult, suggest some time. Ask them to think about it and request reconvening in a few days’ time.  
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