Why do people seek out a Coach?

People come to me for coaching for many reasons

Some are experiencing the challenge of getting comfortable in more senior leader roles that has meant letting go of their technical execution role and embracing leadership.  Others are experiencing difficult work scenarios such as clashes of ideas, performance issues and bullying.  Coaching can help you manage the tensions around these and give you a sounding board for taking on these difficult challenges.

Some come to coaching looking to build their professional brand and define their presence in the workplace. Some want to completely transform their career and make big changes, and others are looking for ways to be successful with a new project or assignment and are feeling a bit out of their depth. Coaching can really help with these more personal challenges by guiding you through the process. If you’re considering coaching to help you resolve a career issue, these tips from The Salary Coach might help you in finding the right coach for you.

Tips for finding the right Coach

  1.  Meet with them first to see if you feel comfortable with them. In the industry this is called a chemistry meeting.
  2. Once you have met with the Coach take stock of your thoughts and feelings. Are you feeling inspired or motivated? If so, this is a good sign.
  3. A Coach who has background in your industry is important if you are looking for technical expertise but less so if you are looking to build you leadership capability or work towards achieving your goals.
  4. If you are look at making big changes in your career then look for a Coach who has experience doing this themselves and has coached others through it to success.
  5. Look them up online and see if they are demonstrating engagement and thought leadership in their world. You can find this out via LinkedInTwitter, their website/s, industry commentary, presentations or speaking engagements that have been shared on online.


Once you’ve found a coach that’s right for you, embrace the process by being open and honest about what you want to achieve; and achieving your goal shouldn’t be far away.


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