COVID-Induced Career Planning


Career planning during COVID times


COVID has put us all to the test, professionally, emotionally and physically.  But I have found a bit of a silver lining and that’s time to give some serious thought to how I can better support my clients.  And first off, I’m going to be in touch more frequently, quarterly, with news, updates and insights. But many people have also had this extra time and are thinking about ‘What’s next?’, “What can I do better?” , “How do I get to where I want to be from here?” or “How should I do my career planning during COVID?”

Unemployment is high and at its peak 2,500 businesses closed in one month during the peak of the pandemic. That’s a devastating outcome for many people. Livelihoods are being lost. Futures are being challenged and change is being foisted on us in a way that we never saw coming.

The changes to how we work during COVID have made us think more deliberately about how we want to work moving forward, what we want from our career and even if we want to return to full-time work.  You may have made some decisions, and as things are slowly and tentatively returning to the ‘new normal’, now’s the time to make a plan to put your thoughts into action.  But where to start?

I know what this feels like, having been through a huge turning point in my career five years ago. I learnt a lot about myself including just how strong, resilient, and optimistic I can be. And how capable I am at solving problems. The road is winding and has its share of bumps. but ultimately by getting on the front foot and finding the changes you need to make, and the confidence to make them happen, you can find your way forward.

Put together a career plan during COVID times

You may want to start by putting together a career plan. I don’t mean a diagnostic that tells you the kind of vocation you would be suited to. I mean taking the time to think through what you want for yourself, start by setting goals and then take the action to realise them. Testing and learning along the way. I have created an online program to guide you through this. It’s a great place to begin and at $38 it’s reasonably priced and gives you a great framework to help you work through your career questions.

‘Knowing Your Worth’ is the place I began with The Salary Coach business. I know what it’s like to not see or feel your own worth, to not be able to communicate it and I am here to show you how you can really know and appreciate your own worth. It takes time, some reflection and some joy as you discover the real achievements you have reached in your career.  I promise you will begin to see yourself differently, to see yourself as more valuable and become your own best advocate.  If you’d like to know more you can take a look here at the program.

Resumes, LinkedIn and cover letters

One of the surprises I have experienced as a result of COVID-19 is the influx of people who are in the process of career planning asking for help with their resumes, LinkedIn and cover letters. People who are finding themselves stuck with what to say about themselves and how to stand out from the competition. I am helping people develop these career assets, and what I have loved seeing is the delight people experience from connecting with their true value in an authentic and very real way. It has been so rewarding to see them leveraging these important sales tools to achieve something they really want. Whether you are a CEO, GM, Senior Manager, Professional, Practitioner, or everyday worker you will see yourself differently after having these assets honed so that they communicate your real value.

Recently I was speaking with a CEO regarding his resume and when I played back to him what he was telling me in a way that struck a chord he suddenly sat taller in his seat and a glimmer of a smile and hope traced across his face. He is the steady, visionary hand who sculpts businesses in a way they become successful. Another client, the scientist behind cleaning up Sydney beaches, saw his value expressed in a way he had never thought of.  I can help you do this too, because often you just need someone to help you recognise and identify your true worth so others can see it.


Learn how to identify your true worth and communicate it

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