Do you actually know what you want?

Posted on July 31, 2020
By Catherine Heilemann

What do you want for yourself? Have you ever taken some time to plan your career, or have you blinked your eyes and its happened to you? If you’re like me it’s a bit of both. 

If you don’t know what you want – there are some ways that you can REALLY start working it out. 

First off break down your goals – what you want for yourself personally and professionally. Think about what you are really passionate about – What that is and why. Write it down. 

Now think about your moments in the sun, where professionally you have shone and basked in it. What were they, whey were they the best and how did you achieve them? This will help you own why you are so proud of them. 

A tricky one and yet its important. Do you want to work for yourself or someone else?

What about what you really don’t like? Is it being in an office? Is it being expected to work 12 hour days? – What is it that makes you feel sick just thinking about it?

Try on different futures for yourself – What would it be like to…? What about…? How about…? And so on.  

When you start working out what you want for yourself, ask yourself – How hard am I willing to work to get there? This will test your commitment and passion. 

I suggest using the career planning tool I have created, it has helped hundreds of people settle on a plan to work towards, it takes you through exercises to help you get clear on what you want for yourself. 

Is there anything you are doing now that will absolutely help you to achieve your goals? Perhaps there are some things that won’t help you either? 

If you decide to make a really big change, think about what big blocks may stand in your way of achieving what you want, work out a plan to tackle those hurdles and be sure the plan is achievable and smart. 

Keep working on your plan and don’t be surprised if things shift along the way. Its unlikely where you will end up will be exactly where you thought you would – but that’s all part of the journey. So, be accepting of any changes you need to make along the way to manifest your new work life.

Do you actually know what you want?

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