Do you know what you really want to be doing?


What do you want to do in your career?

What did you wonder you would ‘do’ when you grew up?
What kind of job, work or career would you have?
Perhaps you just accidentally landed where you are now and are wondering what's next?

That’s how I started out in my career – I got a ‘job’. Then over time, I worked out what I wanted.
At various times I have been lucky to have mentors and coaches who helped me to take time to think about what is next for me.

I found taking some time to really think about and reflect on what I wanted to have (what I call an intentional career) has paid off in spades.

For a start, I’m much happier – because I’m doing what I really love.

To get me here I reflected on myself, what my strengths and values are, my experience and how I could use that to its best advantage. I also learnt how to be stronger and stand up for myself and to plan it out so that when I reach a goal, I actually know I've made it!

Plan your career

If you’re like me, and now have some questions about what next?

How can I get ahead?
How can I deal with the issues that affect me personally in my workspace?
Then you have landed in the right spot.

To get you started there are some questions to think about. As you answer them, challenge yourself by saying what else three times.

That will help you build a better and more detailed idea of why you answered the questions the way you did.

When done then take a look at everything you noted and look for themes.

What does it tell you?
Why do you think that?
What do you want to do about that?

Now ask yourself…

1. What are 3 things you love about your current role and why
2. What are 3 things you dislike about your role and why
3. What career qualities do you value – list them

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