3 things you MUST be including in a bulletproof resume


Making your resume bulletproof

At the start of each year, many people think about their career and changing jobs.
The resume is dusted off, and job hunting begins.

These days job hunting is driven by algorithms and recruiters are jaded by the general and wide-ranging statements in resumes. They want to be able to start to see ‘you’.

Having an excellent resume is an art that balances the clinical search engine style phrases along with ‘personality' that makes you pop as a potential new recruit.
Here are some tips to help you start the journey.

#1 Lead with value statements

A value statement needs to be more than just industry buzzwords.

This is your chance to show what your company/client/team or customer got as a result of having you around e.g. How much did sales increase from your last campaign?

#2 Use positive language, without over-selling

Keep the tone of your writing positive and confident – don’t be afraid to sell your top skills. If you’re not going to do it, who will?

#3 Mirror the hiring company’s language

In doing this, it shows you’re able to understand what it is they’re looking for in a company culture fit.

It demonstrates your understanding of the industry and helps the team to imagine you working with them.

Need guidance on how to create a bulletproof resume?

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