How to be a better Negotiator


Being a better negotiator

Do you ever wonder what the magic is with negotiation? Have you found yourself wanting to ask for something and not being able to, or not getting what you wanted from the situation?

Well, there is a framework you can use to set yourself up for success. 

1. Be sure of what you want. Have an outline of the different scenarios you would be happy with.

2.  Listen carefully. Listen to what the other person has to say, you may learn something you didn’t know by doing this, and that could influence the outcome. 

3. Take your time. If you need to add time to the situation to diffuse tension, consider your position or get new information then do that. The famous words, “let me think about it” are your friend in this situation.

4. When you put your conditions and numbers together, add 10% for fear. Most people set their levels and come back from them a little. By adding the extra 10% to your ask you are creating a buffer for yourself. 

5. Aim to achieve a win not lose scenario. A good negotiation is one where all parties are satisfied with the outcome. 

6. Give a little to gain a little. By sharing information and insights along the way you will both learn more and gain more.  

7. See the other party as a person. Often with negotiation it's easy to fall into the winner takes all position. By treating the other party as the person they are, you will open the negotiation dance to other possibilities. 


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