Pick up that book – It might just stick with you

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Books that have stuck with me

I really enjoy reading. Do you? There have been times when I’ve picked up a book or an article and haven’t been able to read it, I put that down to timing. It's not the right time for that book or article. A couple of excellent books that I’ve read that have stuck with me are: 

Learned Optimism 

Author: Martin Seligman Ph.D 

Seligman has worked his whole life on how to enlarge a person’s personal control. It's optimistic. It explores what happens with thinking. Seligman is in many ways a father of positive psychology. When I read this book, lights switched on in my understanding of my self and how people operate. I have referred countless people to this book over the years. 

Crossing the Unknown Sea. Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity 

Author: David Whyte 

Whyte writes about how people identify themselves, what happens when unwelcome change comes along and how to get through it. He does this with poetry and storytelling. Read through the lines, not just the lines. What message do you think he is aiming to get across? Does it resonate with you? I found this book extraordinary. 

The Brain that Trains Itself 

Author: Norman Doidge M.D.  

Have you heard or read much about neuroscience? Science of the brain. Doidge is considered one of the modern fathers of neuroscience,  he brings neuroscience to life and adding to its validity. Validating the forefathers, and explaining how it is used to help people walk again, gain greater control of their diseased bodies and to gain in ways they thought they couldn’t. The great thing about neuroscience is that it gives me faith and hope that we can really change. We can work that muscle and get a different outcome. This book is heavy going. I listened to the audio book and I have the soft copy also. I found myself replaying sections to really understand it, and the extra time and attention I gave to it was worth it – it is brilliant! 


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