What a percentage in pay rise would mean to your life?

A bag full of money – what would you do with that? Buy fish and chips, Bluefin Tuna fillet or in between? No matter your taste or style, we all know money helps us feel safe. Safe in the knowledge we have a roof over our heads. Safe in the knowledge we have food on our plate. Safe that we will be OK. And if you have extra money, you can build a nest egg and feel safer. Be able to bask in the comfort of that safety, what it means to you and how it makes you feel. I find when I feel safer, I think about different things, I feel different, and I have more fun. Just how much of that are you aiming for, for yourself? One of the best ways to turn your dreams into reality is to set yourself up for a pay rise. Your gate way to safety – 3 tips for setting yourself up for a pay rise: Imagine what the pay rise will mean to you – the difference of 3, 5

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Why Now Is a Good Time to Ask for a Raise

A number of ingredients are impacting. First off, inflation is rising and the job market is strong. Take a look at the latest unemployment figures and job demand and you’ll see this rings true. YOUR best defence against the rising cost of living is to set yourself up with a payrise. Asking without proving you’re worth it won’t bear the benefits you are hoping for, so make sure you’re fully across your value. Therefore, make sure you really know why you’re an asset and then champion for yourself. Off the bat I will say that ‘only you know what you’re worth’. Yes, benchmarking can help. BUT you must be in control of the narrative of why you are worth it. Then you MUST have a carefully thought out gameplan. I was discussing job interview progress and job offers today with a senior public servant. They said that when they went to an interview they leant on their most recent experience with an agency where they’ve worked for a number of years. As we were discussing their value, they saw quickly

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