The Role of a Coach – What do you actually do?

What does a Coach do?

As a Coach I often am asked ‘what do you do’? My response is, ‘I work with people (at their pace) to help them achieve their goals, by asking questions, more questions, seeing through the haze of discussion to the root of a topic, reflecting back what I heard, discussing options for resolution, checking in on how they are going and aiming for the person to achieve their goals’. Through my discussions with clients, we are getting to know one another in the space and building trust. The more trust we have, the more open the Coaching space is – that is where the real pearls come out, and believe me, everyone has pearls. Many of these are unseen or taken for granted and often not thought worthy to mention or possibly that it be too boastful to mention.

Working on mindset as part of coaching

At The Salary Coach, my clients and I work on those mindsets together, as ultimately my goal is to help people appreciate how darn good they are and therefore take those next steps by utilising their personal knowledge and power to move through situations with great success. No matter whether it’s a workplace hurdle, a difficult professional relationship, employability brand, leadership skill, project and program execution or what’s next with their career. 

Returning clients and recommendations

This last week a client who I have been working with over a period of years when they need my support said to me ‘you have a feminine, caring and listening way and then you hit me between the eyes with what is really going on.’ She was saying that by creating that trusting environment she is able to let her barriers down and get to the core of what is going on for her and then bring clarity and insight enabling her to make the changes she wants to make – that is the true value of the coaching relationship. 

Another client sent me a text message saying, ‘I felt so enlightened after our session. Here’s my vision/purpose… I would like to work through how I could further my influence/personal power to effect the change of my vision to a bigger organisation. Scaling 😊 Thanks for diving into my core!!’. This client and I had been working through the difference between positional power and personal power. This was a watershed moment for them as they are crafting a career for themselves. 

Humour me as I share one last client mention here. This gentleman is a CEO who was referred to me, we have been working on his brand and next steps. He wrote,I am reaching out following an introduction from my long term friend, who tells me you have helped his digital visibility significantly, he tells me you are the right person to do this and optimise my profile’.  I know this sounds simple, and its not. It is all about being able to reflect and being able to find a way forward. I use frameworks and tools to help with this. This is yet another facet of coaching. 

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