The Wage Gap Exists

Let’s get this straight – the wage gap does exist.

Chatting with someone this week they said exactly this. I was stunned at first, and then I began to think more about it. When a person burns out, we often think they’ve fallen off a cliff – that is have found themselves unable to work, to show up. Nothing seems to help. They need rest. Often need medical support. I’ve not burnt out to that point myself, and have experienced at different times that feeling of tiredness, loss of concentration, yearning to lay somewhere in the sun or in bed and not move… for days or weeks. This often happens off the back of an extremely busy time. There are degrees of burnout, and I’m wondering if you’ve ever noticed yourself or someone else showing early signs of burnout? What did you do? How did you respond? Let’s look at those early signs of burnout and see if it can liberate you! Symptoms of burnout include; lack of concentration, tiredness, blurry eyes, starting to be critical or feeling cynical about your work, short-fused with work related people, disillusioned about your

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The Authentic Approach to Salary Negotiations

In today’s cutthroat Australian job landscape, it’s only natural to want to put our best foot forward, sometimes even considering sweetening the pot a bit. But as the saying goes, ‘Honesty is the best policy,’ especially when it comes to discussing our worth in salary negotiations. Think about the last time you sat down to detail your professional achievements. There’s a certain pride in recounting the tangible results of our hard work. By focusing on genuine accomplishments and providing real-world examples of how we’ve utilised our skills, we not only paint a clearer picture of our abilities but also cement our reputation as forthright professionals. Establishing trust, in any relationship, is fundamental. In the negotiation space, this takes on a special significance. We’ve all felt that initial apprehension, that hesitancy in wondering how much to reveal.Yet, it’s in these vulnerable moments, when we openly admit areas we might be lacking or skills we’re yet to master, that we lay the foundation of a genuine professional relationship. It’s about fostering an environment of mutual respect, where both parties feel heard and understood.However, keeping it

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